About Us

Kamau, Lando & Associates LLP was founded in 2012 by Moses Kamau and Dr. Victor Lando. Since then, we have successfully provided legal services to numerous clients and garnered a wealth of experience in our diverse range of expertise. Through this, we have supported our clients in their dealings within Kenya and across the East African region.

The partners’ combined experience spans over 20 years. They also have a portfolio of distinguished professional qualifications from both local and international institutions. 

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Our Core Values

We are devoted to upholding the highest standards of integrity.

Our commitment and drive is to give our clients the very best in legal practice in terms of advice and representation of their best interests

We pride ourselves in being hard-working and diligent lawyers that efficiently-manage our professional work as we facilitate our clients’ business dealings in Kenya and elsewhere across the East African region

Our Clients

Our clients include individuals, private companies, faith-based institutions, manufacturing and service companies, technology and telecommunications companies, infrastructure, transport and construction companies, property development companies, agriculture and farming concerns, hotels, tourism and conservation organisations, local businesses, government agencies and Non-Governmental Organisations.

We have also provided high level consulting in the areas of human rights, governance and rule of law for a number of domestic and international institutions. 


broad range of expertise

We provide our clients with personalized, high quality legal and consultancy services in various fields of law including corporate and commercial law, company law, employment and labor relations, immigration, probate and family law, conveyancing and real estate, intellectual property law and constitutional law, among others. 

We take pride in our expertise and internal capabilities which are well matched to international standards.

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putting clients first

We understand the importance of providing excellent results efficiently and considerately.

We are devoted to applying our core values in providing legal services to our clients. It is our enduring commitment to provide services and solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. We also aim to address every possible eventuality while maintaining ethical relationships with the institutions with which we liaise.

Our doors remain open as we strive to satisfy your legal needs and help you succeed.